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Results 2021

8th AprilBSPS Area 15A Mid Herts Spring ShowKubla KhanNovice IntermediateThird

Kubla KhanRIHS Small HunterThird

SunbeamNovice Riding HorseThird

Killamusta TrumpcardRIHS Lightweight HunterFirst

Castle Howard LegacyRIHS Middleweight HunterFirst & Res Ch

LancerRIHS Heavyweight HunterFirst

DaydreamArea 15A Members ChampionshipRes Ch
17th AprilBSHA Southern Spring ShowLancerNovice HunterSecond

Tally Ho ForrardRIHS Lightweight HunterFirst

Castle Howard LegacyRIHS Middleweight HunterFirst & Res Ch

KluaneRIHS Middleweight HunterSecond

DonationRIHS Small HunterThird

SunbeamRIHS Ridden ColouredSecond

Absolutely FashionRIHS Large Riding Horse​First & Res Ch​

Absolutely FashionOwners Class​First & Ch​ampion

Saint JamesIntro Class​First

Saint JamesNovice Riding HorseSecond

Temple GardenRIHS Large Hack​First & Res Ch​

DaydreamNovice Hacks​First & Ch​ampion

Fools ParadiseNovice Riding HorsesThird
25th AprilBSPS Area 5 Three Shires ShowDaydreamNovice Hack​First

DaydreamRIHS Intermediate Large SRTThird

Newton DukeAmateur M & MThird

Boheradurrow FredRIHS Maxi CobsSecond

Blue MoonRIHS Large Riding Horse​First

Archfield KristinaNovice SHP​First

Absolutely DapperNovice HacksThird
1st MaySouthern Area ShowKluaneNovice HunterFirst

Ballarin My LadyOpen HunterSecond

Fools ParadiseRIHS Small Riding Horse​First & Res Ch

Boheradurrow FredRIHS Maxi CobsFirst

LimatoNovice HacksSecond

VenusRiding Horse Youngstock​First & Champion
2nd MayUK Ponies & Horses Spring ShowSunbeamNovice Ridden ColouredSecond

Absolutely DapperNovice HacksSecond

Kubla KhanIntermediate SHPFirst

Absolutely FashionPart-Bred ArabSecond
8th MayBSPS Area 7First Receiver Former Racehorse In-HandSecond

Tally Ho ForrardRIHS Lightweight Hunter​First & Champion

Absolutely FashionRIHS Large Riding HorseFirst
19th MayFestival of ShowingLancerNovice Heavyweight HuntersSecond

Fools ParadiseOpen Small Riding HorsesSecond & Res Ch

DaydreamOpen Large HackFirst & Champion

Saint JamesIntro Ridden HorseFirst
22nd & 23rd MayStoneleigh (1)Fools ParadiseHOYS Small Riding HorsesFirst & Res Ch - Q

Romanno Anais AnaisHOYS Large Riding HorsesSecond

Absolutely FashionHOYS Large Riding HorsesThird

Temple GardenHOYS Large HacksThird

KluaneHOYS Middleweight HuntersFirst - Q
30th & 30th MaySHB(GB) Southern Regional ShowPeerlessNovice Hack/Riding Horse TrainingSecond

Archfield KristinaNovice Part-Bred ArabFirst

HeimdallNovice HunterThird

Absolutely DapperNovice HackSecond

Saint JamesNovice Riding HorseSecond

PeerlessNovice Riding HorseThird

Bower Hall Blue MoonOpen Riding HorseFirst

Bower Hall Blue MoonAmateur Riding HorseFirst & Champion

Saint JamesAmateur Riding HorseSecond

First ReceiverIn-Hand ThoroughbredFirst

LimatoNovice Ridden ThoroughbredSecond
2nd JuneNPS Area 14SunbeamRIHS Ridden ColouredsSecond

MojitaRIHS Ridden ColouredsThird

Boheradurrow FredRIHS Maxi CobsFirst

Ballarin My LadyRIHS Lightweight HunterFirst

Temple GardenRIHS Large HacksFirst & Champion

DaydreamNovice HacksSecond & Res Champ

PeerlessRIHS Small Riding HorsesThird
3rd JuneBSPS Area 15First ReceiverIn-Hand ThoroughbredSecond

Absolutely FashionPart-Bred Ridden ArabsFirst

Absolutely FashionRIHS Large Riding HorsesSecond

Kubla KhanIntermediate Show Hunter PonySecond

Absolutely DapperNovice HacksFirst

Absolutely DapperRIHS Large HacksFirst & Ch

Archfield Kristina15hh Show Hunter PonySecond

Royal RegattaNovice HacksSecond

Royal RegattaLrg Intermediate SRTThird
5th & 6th JuneMidland CountiesVenusIn-Hand Riding HorsesThird

VenusIn-Hand Sport HorsesThird
19th & 20th JuneThree Counties Equine ShowAbsolutely FashionHOYS Large Riding HorsesFirst & Ch - Q

Absolutely FashionHOYS Ladies Side SaddleThird

Bowerhall Blue MoonHOYS Large Riding HorsesSecond

PeerlessAmateur Hack/Riding HorseFirst

Tally Ho ForrardNovice HuntersThird
23rd to 27th JuneHickstead Derby MeetingBoheradurrow FredHOYS Maxi CobsFirst - Q

Romanno Anais AnaisHOYS Large Riding HorsesSecond - Q
1st to 4th JulyRoyal Windsor Horse ShowFirst ReceiverROR In-HandFirst

DaydreamFlat Ridden Sports HorseFirst

DonationSmall Riding HorseSecond

Bowerhall Blue MoonLarge Riding HorseThird

DaydreamIntermediate Large SRTFirst​
17th & 18th JulyThe Showing Register Summer Gala ShowPeerlessRidden Hack/Riding HorseFirst & Ch

CrackerRidden M & M Large BreedsThird

Bowerhall Blue MoonHOYS Large Riding HorseFirst & Ch - Q

Ballarin My LadyHOYS Lightweight HunterThird

Castle Howard LegacyHOYS Middleweight HunterFirst & Ch - Q
20th - 25th JulyThe Royal International Horse ShowBallarin My LadyLightweight Hunter ChampionshipFourth

Castle Howard LegacyMiddleweight Hunter ChampionshipThird

Bowerhall Blue MoonAmateur Large Riding HorseFirst

Absolutely FashionAmateur Large Riding HorseSecond
28th JulyRoyal Norfolk Equestrian ShowBallarin My LadyHOYS Lightweight HunterSecond

KluaneHOYS Middleweight HunterFirst

LancerHOYS Heavyweight HunterThird

DonationHOYS Small Riding HorseSecond

VenusIn-Hand 3yr old Riding HorseSecond

VenusIn-Hand 3yr old Sport HorseSecond & Res Ch

VenusIn-Hand 3yr old Light HorseFirst & Champion

VenusThe HOYS Price Family In-Hand ChampionshipSecond Reserve Ch
​1st AugustBSPS Area 15A Mid Herts Country ShowRoyal RegattaNovice HackFirst

Saint JamesNovice Riding HorseFirst

PeerlessNovice Riding HorseSecond

Royal RegattaNovice ChampionshipReserve Champion

First ReceiverIn-Hand ROR First & Champion

Kubla KhanMixed Novice IntermediateSecond

Eileens BuachaillNovice Ridden M & MSecond

Saint James Amateur Riding HorseSecond

Peerless Amateur Riding HorseThird

DonationHOYS Small Riding HorseSecond

Killamastulla TrumpcardHOYS Large Riding HorseSecond & Reserve Ch
​3rd - 5th AugustNPS ChampionshipsVenusIn-Hand 3yr old Hack/Riding HorseFirst & Champion
​7th AugustGarstang ShowRoyal RegattaHOYS Large HacksThird

DonationHOYS Small Riding HorseThird
​15th AugustStoneleigh Show (3)Killamastulla TrumpcardHOYS Large Riding HorseSecond

Saint JamesHOYS Large Riding HorseThird

Royal RegattaHOYS Large HacksSecond

Mullbrooke Love In The AirHOYS Coloured Plaited HorseThird
21st AugustAshbourne ShowBallarin My LadyHOYS Lightweight HunterThird

Castle Howard LegacyHOYS Middleweight HunterFirst

LancerHOYS Heavyweight HunterThird - Q

Absolutely DapperHOYS Large HacksSecond - Q
24th August​BSPS Summer ChampionshipsTally Ho ForrardHOYS Lightweight HunterThird

Absolutely FashionHOYS Ladies Side SaddleSecond - Q

Absolutely FashionHOYS Large Riding HorseThird

Royal RegattaHOYS Large HacksThird
​25th August Staffordshire CountyPeerlessNovice Riding HorseFirst
29th & 30th August​Edenbridge & Oxted ShowEileens BuachaillRidden M & MFirst & Ch

PeerlessNovice Riding HorseFirst

LancerNovice HunterFirst

Ballarin My LadyHOYS Lightweight HunterFirst - Q

Tally Ho ForrardHOYS Lightweight HunterSecond

Castle Howard LegacyHOYS Middleweight HunterSecond
4th SeptemberMoreton-in-Marsh ShowEileens BuachaillRidden ConnemaraSecond

Carrhouse Head of StateHOYS Small HacksFirst & Ch - Q
4th & 5th SeptemberStoneleigh Show (4)Mullbrooke Love In The AirHOYS Non-Native Coloured HorseThird

Tally Ho ForrardHOYS Lightweight HunterSecond

DonationHOYS Small Riding HorseSecond

Royal RegattaHOYS Large HackSecond - Q

Killamastulla TrumpcardHOYS Large Riding HorseFirst & Ch - Q

Saint JamesHOYS Large Riding HorseSecond & Res Ch
​10th & 11th SeptemberBSHA National ChampionshipsMullbrooke Love In The AirYoung Rider Riding HorseThird

Copy CatMature RidersFirst

Absolutely FashionAmateur Large Riding HorseSecond

Royal RegattaNovice Large HacksThird

Bowerhall Blue MoonClassic Supreme Large Riding HorseFirst & Ch

Saint JamesRestricted Large Riding HorseSecond

Mullbrooke Love In The AirRising Stars Riding HorseFirst

VenusLight Horse 2/3 yr oldFirst & Res Ch

Barnswood PropositionIn-Hand Intermediate YoungstockFirst & Ch

Barnswood PropositionHunter 2/3 yr oldSecond

Barnswood PropositionIn-Hand Supreme ChampionshipFirst Reserve Ch

Barnswood Proposition BSHA In-Hand Supreme ChampionshipReserve Ch
25th & 26 September​Wiltshire Autumn ShowPeerlessFirst Season Show HorseThird

Mullbrooke Love In The AirRidden ColouredThird

KluaneRIHS Middleweight HuntersFirst & Ch - Q

Absolutely DapperNovice HacksFirst & Ch

PeerlessRIHS Small Riding HorseFirst - Q

Mullbrooke Love In The AirMixed IntermediatesFirst

LimatoIn-Hand Ex RacehorseFirst

Barnswood PropositionIn-Hand Sport HorseFirst

Barnswood PropositionIn-Hand HunterFirst

Barnswood PropositionIn-Hand ChampionshipReserve Ch

LimatoRidden RORThird

First ReceiverIn-Hand RORFirst

First ReceiverROR ChampionshipChampion
6th ​- 10th OctoberHorse of the Year ShowAbsolutely FashionLadies Side SaddleEighth

Absolutely DapperLarge HacksNinth

Ballarin My LadyLightweight HuntersEighth

Castle Howard LegacyMiddleweight HuntersNinth

Boheradurrow FredMaxi CobsThird

DonationSmall Riding HorsesSixth

Bower Hall Blue MoonLarge Riding HorsesNinth








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