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Results 2022

26th & 27th MarWest Wilts Spring ShowSunbeamNovice Small Riding HorseFirst

First ReceiverNovice Large Riding HorseFirst

Tally Ho ForrardRIHS Lightweight HunterSecond - Q

Castle Howard LegacyRIHS Middleweight HunterSecond - Q

Fools ParadiseRIHS Small Riding HorseSecond - Res Ch - Q

Killmastulla TrumpcardRIHS Large Riding HorseFirst - Q

Mullbrooke Love In The AirRidden Coloured - PlaitedFirst & Champion
9th AprilBSPS Area 15 Spring ShowBrineton Red BeretWorking Show HorseFirst

Saint JamesNovice Riding HorseFirst

Saint JamesRIHS Large Riding HorseThird

Bowerhall Blue MoonRIHS Large Riding HorseSecond

DonationRIHS Small Riding HorseSecond

DonationIntermediate SHTFirst

DaydreamIntermediate LSRTSecond
10th AprilNPS Area 14 Spring ShowSunbeamRIHS Plaited Coloured Third

Bowerhall Blue MoonRIHS Large Riding HorseFirst & Res Cham - Q

DaydreamNovice HackFirst & Res Cham

The Boss' DaughterRIHS Coloured - TraditionalThird

Eileens BuachaillRidden ConnemaraFirst - Q
13th AprilBSPS Area 7 Spring ShowRoyal RegattaRIHS Large HacksFirst & Res Champ- Q
15th AprilNPS Area 15 Spring ShowEileens BuachaillRidden ConnemaraThird

SunbeamRidden Coloured - PlaitedFirst - Q
16th AprilBSPS Area 16 Spring ShowDonationRIHS Small Riding HorseSecond

DonationIntermediate SRTSecond

Saint JamesRIHS Large Riding HorseSecond

Ballarin My LadyRIHS Lightweight HunterFirst - Q

Castle Howard LegacyRIHS Middleweight HunterThird

LancerRIHS Heavyweight HunterSecond - Q

Eileens BuachaillTraining StakesFirst

Eileens BuachaillNovice M & M WorkerThird
23rd AprilBSPS Area 15A Spring ShowFools ParadiseRIHS Small Riding HorseSecond

Absolutely FashionRIHS Large Riding HorseSecond

Absolutely FashionRIHS Amateur Riding HorseSecond

Castle Howard LegacyRIHS Middleweight HunterFirst & Res Ch

First Receiver BSHA R2RSecond

Eileens BuachaillTraining StakesSecond
24th AprilBSPS Area 5 Spring ShowDaydreamNovice HacksFirst

Royal RegattaRIHS Large HacksSecond

Royal RegattaRIHS Amateur HacksFirst & Res Ch

PeerlessNovice Riding HorsesFirst 

Mullbrooke Love In The AirNovice Riding HorsesSecond

Fools ParadiseRIHS Small Riding HorsesFirst 

Bowerhall Blue MoonRIHS Large Riding HorsesFirst & Champion

Absolutely FashionRIHS Amatuer Riding HorsesFirst - Q

Mullbrooke Love In The AirRIHS Amatuer Riding HorsesThird​- Q
26th AprilSouth of England SpringCastle Howard LegacyRIHS Middleweight HunterSecond

LimatoNovice RORFirst & Champion 

SunbeamRidden Coloured - PlaitedFirst 

DonationRIHS Small Riding HorsesFirst & Champion

LancerOpen Ridden HunterSecond

Absolutely FashionRIHS Amatuer Riding HorsesFirst

Saint JamesRIHS Amatuer Riding HorsesThird

Absolutely FashionRIHS Large Riding HorsesFirst & Res Champ
2nd MayWoodbridge ShowTally Ho ForrardLightweight HunterFirst & Champion 

SunbeamRiding HorseFirst  

Mullbrooke Love In The AirRiding HorseSecond

Mullbrooke Love In The AirRidden ColouredFirst & Champion

Eileens BuachaillTraining Stake - 75cmsFirst

Eileens BuachaillTraining Stake - 90cmsSecond

Starring LouisIn-Hand HunterFirst

Starring LouisIn-Hand Sport HorseFirst
7th MayBSHA Southern Spring ShowLimatoRIHS RORFirst & Res Champ

The Imperial ChoiceRIHS Middleweight HunterSecond - Q 

Mullbrooke Love In The AirRIHS Small Riding HorseSecond - Q 

Killmastulla TrumpcardRIHS Large Riding HorseSecond

Absolutely FashionRIHS Amateur Riding HorseFirst & Res Cham

Absolutely FashionBSHA Ladies Show HorseSecond
8th MaySouth Suffolk ShowMullbrooke Love In The AirRIHS Coloured - PlaitedFirst - Q

SunbeamRIHS Coloured - PlaitedSecond 

PeerlessRIHS Small Riding HorseFirst - Q

Bowerhall Blue MoonRIHS Large Riding HorseSecond & Res Champ

Eileens BuachaillRidden ConnemaraThird

The Boss' DaughterRIHS Coloured - TraditionalSecond - Q
12th to 15th MayRoyal Windsor Horse ShowSunbeamIn-Hand ColouredFirst & Res Champ

First ReceiverROR - Flat RiddenSecond

LimatoROR - Flat RiddenThird

DaydreamRidden Sport HorseFirst

LimatoROR - In-HandSecond

First ReceiverROR - In-HandThird

SunbeamRidden Coloured - PlaitedThird

Fools ParadiseNovice Riding HorseSecond
21st & 22nd MayStoneleigh Show (May)Ballarin My LadyHOYS Lightweight HuntersSecond

Castle Howard LegacyHOYS Middleweight HuntersSecond

Mullbrooke Love In The AirHOYS Intermediate LSRTThird

Fools ParadiseHOYS Small Riding HorsesThird

Bowerhall Blue MoonHOYS Large Riding HorsesFirst & Res Champ - Q

Royal RegattaHOYS Large HacksThird

Absolutely Fashion​HOYS Ladies Side SaddleThird
25th MayFestival of ShowingFirst ReceiverROR Novice RiddenFirst

LimatoROR Open RiddenFirst

PeerlessAmateur Riding HorseFirst

Killmastulla TrumpcardOpen Riding HorseFirst

Killmastulla TrumpcardOpen Horse ChampionshipChampion
28th & 29th MayHerts County ShowBallarin My LadyRIHS Lightweight HunterFirst & Res Champ

The Imperial ChoiceRIHS Middleweight HunterSecond

LancerRIHS Heavyweight HunterFirst

Royal RegattaAmateur HackFirst

Royal RegattaAmateur ChampionshipChampion

Royal RegattaRIHS Large HacksThird

ShogunROR In-HandFirst & Res Champ

Eileens BuachaillM&M WHP exc 143cms First
31st May & 1st JuneSuffolk County ShowCastle Howard LegacyHOYS Middleweight HunterFirst - Q

LancerHOYS Heavyweight HunterSecond

Ballarin My LadyRIHS Ladies HunterFirst - Q

SunbeamRidden Sport HorseFirst

Fools ParadiseHOYS Small Riding HorsesSecond

Bowerhall Blue MoonHOYS Large Riding HorsesFirst & Res Champ

Killmastulla TrumpcardHOYS Large Riding HorsesSecond - Q

Absolutely FashionHOYS Large Riding HorsesThird​

Royal RegattaRIHS Large HacksFirst & Champion
10th - 12th JuneSouth of England ShowThe Imperial ChoiceRIHS Middleweight HunterFirst & Champion

LancerRIHS Heavyweight HunterFirst

First ReceiverROR - RiddenSecond

First ReceiverROR - In-HandFirst

Royal RegattaRIHS Large HacksFirst & Res Champ

PeerlessRIHS Small Riding HorsesSecond

Saint JamesRIHS Large Riding HorsesFirst & Res Champ - Q
17th - 19th JuneRoyal Three Counties ShowBarnswood ProppsistionRidden Sport HorseSecond

Royal RegattaAmateur HacksFirst

Royal RegattaHOYS Large HacksThird

PeerlessAmateur Riding HorsesFirst

Goosey Gander4yr Old Ridden HunterThird

Fools ParadiseHOYS Small Riding HorsesSecond

Bowerhall Blue MoonHOYS Large Riding HorsesFirst

ShogunNovice Ridden RORSecond
22nd - 26th JuneHickstead Derby MeetingCastle Howard LegacyHOYS Middleweight HunterFirst

LancerHOYS Heavyweight HunterThird

SunbeamRidden Coloured PlaitedFirst & Champion

Royal RegattaHOYS Large HacksSecond
25th JuneCHAPS Midland ShowMullbrooke Love In The AirHOYS Ridden Coloured - PlaitedThird
29th & 30th JuneRoyal Norfolk ShowChiaroscuro CColoured 3yr old In-HandFirst & Champion

Ballarin My LadyPart-Bred Irish Draught - RiddenFirst & Champion

Goosey GanderPart-Bred Irish Draught - RiddenThird

Ballarin My LadyOpen Ridden HunterFirst

Ballarin My LadyHunter ChampionshipChampion

PeerlessNovice Riding HorsesFirst

PeerlessAmateur Riding HorsesFirst

PeerlessRiding Horse ChampionshipChampion
8th - 10th JulyKent County ShowMullbrooke Love In The AirHOYS Intermediate LSRTSecond

Goosey GanderNovice HuntersFirst & Res Champ

Castle Howard LegacyMiddleweight HuntersFirst & Champion

LancerHeavyweight HuntersFirst

The Boss' DaughterRidden Coloured - TraditionalFirst

SunbeamRidden Coloured - PlaitedFirst & Res Champ

Chiaroscuro CColoured 3yr old In-HandSecond

Bowerhall Blue MoonLarge Riding HorseFirst & Champion

Saint JamesLarge Riding HorseThird
16th & 17th JulyTSR Summer ShowBallarin My LadyHOYS Lightweight HunterSecond

LancerHOYS Heavyweight HunterThird

SunbeamHOYS Ridden Coloured - PlaitedFirst & Champion - Q

Fools ParadiseHOYS Small Riding HorseFirst - Q
26th - 31st JulyRoyal International Horse ShowCastle Howard LegacyOpen Middleweight HuntersFifth

LancerOpen Heavyweight HunterSeventh

Absolutely FashionOpen Large Riding HorsesSecond

Absolutely Fashion​Amateur Large Riding HorsesSecond

Saint James​Amateur Large Riding HorsesFourth

Royal RegattaAmateur HacksThird

Mullbrooke Love In The AirAmateur Small Riding HorsesFourth

Mullbrooke Love In The AirIntermediate LSRTEighth
10th - 13th AugustCHAPS Summer ChampionshipsMullbrooke Love In The AirHOYS Ridden Coloured - PlaitedThird
13th AugustSEIB R2R HartburyFirst Receiver HOYS R2RThird
13th & 14th AugustStoneleigh Show (August)Mullbrooke Love In The AirHOYS Intermediate LSRTSecond

Absolutely Fashion​HOYS Large Riding HorseThird

Mullbrooke Love In The AirHOYS Ridden Coloured - PlaitedFirst - Q

Royal RegattaHOYS Large HacksThird​
20th AugustAshbourne ShowBallarin My LadyHOYS Lightweight HunterSecond

LancerHOYS Heavyweight HunterFirst - Q

Goosey GanderHOYS Heavyweight HunterThird

PeerlessNovice Riding HorsesFirst

DaydreamHOYS Large HacksFirst - Q
21st AugustBSPA Area 15A Mid Herts CountryRoyal RegattaAmateur HacksFirst & Champion

Royal RegattaHOYS Large HacksFirst & Champion - Q

Born to BougiNovice Riding HorsesSecond

Absolutely FashionHOYS Large Riding HorsesSecond
23rd to 27th AugustBSPS Summer ChampionshipsAbsolutely FashionHOYS Large Riding HorsesSecond - Q
23rd to 27th AugustRoR ChampionshipsLimatoRidden Showing - HackFirst

LimatoIn-Hand Showing - Always a StarFirst

LimatoRidden Showing - Always a StarFirst

First ReceiverRoR Novice Ridden FinalFirst & Champion
28th & 29th AugustEdenbridge & Oxted ShowGoosey GanderHOYS Heavyweight HunterThird

Randalestown Night CapHOYS Small HunterThird

Brineton Red BeretWorking Show HorseFirst

PeerlessNovice Riding HorsesFirst

Eileens BuachaillRidden M & MFirst & Champion

Chiaroscuro CIn-Hand ColouredsFirst & Champion
1st SeptemberBucks County ShowRandalestown Night CapHOYS Small HunterSecond

Goosey GanderHOYS Heavyweight HunterSecond

PeerlessRIHS Amateur Riding HorsesFirst

PeerlessAmateur ChampionshipChampion

Chiaroscuro CIn-Hand ColouredsFirst & Res Champ

The Dun ThingAmateur Maxi CobsSecond
3rd SeptemberMoreton-in-Marsh ShowGoosey GanderHOYS Heavyweight HunterThird

DaydreamHOYS Large HacksSecond

PeerlessRIHS Amateur Riding HorsesThird
4th September Burghley Horse TrialsFirst Receiver SEIB HOYS R2RFirst - Q
8th September BSHA Hunter Championship ShowBallarin My Lady​HOYS Lightweight HunterSecond - Q

Randalestown Night CapHOYS Small HunterThird- Q
5th - 9th September Horse of the Year ShowFirst Receiver SEIB R2RChampion

DaydreamLarge HacksFourth

Randalestown Night CapSmall HuntersSixth

Castle Howard LegacyMiddleweight HuntersFourth

LancerHeavyweight HuntersFifth

Fools ParadiseSmall Riding HorsesThird​

Absolutely FashionLarge Riding HorsesSixth

Bowerhall Blue MoonLarge Riding HorsesEighth

Killmastulla TrumpcardLarge Riding HorsesNinth

SunbeamPlaited Coloured HorsesSeventh








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